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I design polished consumer and B2B SaaS products

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Contemporary design rooted in user insights
I have a skill for creating impactful designs by gaining a deep understanding of the user and their needs. The products I make are defined by user perspective and a clean aesthetic appeal, based on robust, scalable frontend frameworks
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I provide services across the spectrum of product development, design strategy, and scalable visual design

Product Design

I have expertise in leading teams and organizations through the product design process, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to delivery

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UX Audits

Leveraging key auditing techniques, such as heuristic evaluations, user testing, and analytics, I'll assess the user journey to uncover strengths and weaknesses

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Design Systems

Every interface I craft is a marriage of functionality and aesthetics, with a strong emphasis on creating a visually stunning and user-friendly experience

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From ideation to execution, I use a strategic approach that prioritizes creativity, user-centricity, and iterative refinement
Through defining the project parameters, I create a solid foundation for decision-making, ensuring a shared understanding among team members and stakeholders about the purpose and desired outcomes of the product.
I'll uncover potential challenges, identify competitive products, and discover innovative solutions, laying the groundwork for a well-informed and user-centered design approach.
I use sketches, wireframes, and other modeling methods to iterate rapidly and consider multiple design possibilities before committing to a specific solution.
Using industry leading tools such as Figma, Sketch, or Adobe Creative Suite, I bring potential solutions to life as clickable prototypes to test and validate ideas, allowing me to evaluate the user experience, functionality, and overall feasibility before any time is invested in full-scale development.
I have a wealth of experience testing solutions with real users, both remotely and in-person. I've developed a comprehensive understanding of the process, allowing myself and those I work with to expertly navigate and get the most meaningful insights from each test.
Once ready, I finalize the design, prepare assets, and provide comprehensive documentation for developers to implement the product, ensuring a smooth transition from design to development.
Rinse, Repeat
The product design process is inherently iterative, with each step representing a deliberate refinement towards the ideal solution. Through continuous cycles of feedback, analysis, and adjustments, ideas can evolve organically while keeping an eye on the big picture.
See what people have to say about working with me

John Smith Jr.

Product Manager - Platform Science

"Joe and I worked on some amazing projects and he always exceeded the task given. Joe obsesses over the user and how best the experience for them can drive value. It was great collaborating with him to tackle deep user needs and see those released to our customers. Don’t hesitate to consider Joe for Product Designer opportunities in your company!"

Jordan Dominguez

Web Developer - Platform Science

"Joe and I worked closely together at Platform Science, where Joe was a Product Designer and I was a Software Development Engineer. We worked on a greenfield internal project together where Joe led efforts on the design side and I the development. There Joe built and maintained the project design system, provided timely and seamless delivery of designs and UX requirements, and articulated design decisions effectively. Joe was even able to work with my tech stack and some of the modern frameworks I was using on the developer side, meaning less time spent on implementation and a more seamless collaboration. Overall, it was a joy working with Joe, and I would do it again should the opportunity arise."

Matthew Wilberger

Founder, Growth Hack Labs

"From a strictly business perspective, the underlying factor for re-hiring Joe as a sub-contractor time and time again on various client projects of mine is his aptitude for quickly understanding and then custom tailoring design for clients from all industries (including mobile apps, state government, e-commerce, and retail), understanding and being able to relate work to any demographic (including parenting, gardeners, and constituents of water and wastewater agencies in drought stricken Southern California) at all stages of a business (from startup to scaling to corporate)."

Jared Criscuolo

Founder & CEO, Rising TidePartners

"Joe's greatest strengths are his artistic talents, ability to translate art into web/app/print design, the ability and desire to hustle and get work done quickly when needed, an entrepreneurial and curious nature, constantly managing a current scope but looking ahead to other applications within and beyond a given project, and the efficiency that attitude creates (for example having taken the time to learn enough about my business and clients to position creative assets across multiple projects thereby saving me and my clients money). More importantly Joe is an incredibly kind present and genuine human being. It’s an honor to know and work with him, and he’d bring an enthusiastic, engaged, and caring personality to any team and organization he joins. If an engaged and happy design team is important Joe should be at the top of your list."

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