About Me
I’m a passionate product designer with a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise
Fueled by an innate curiosity for understanding user behavior, I firmly believe in the transformative power of design to enhance user experiences. After getting a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, I quickly immersed myself in the dynamic startup scene in San Diego that was hungry for driven designers with a vision. I forged partnerships with several startups and their incubators, taking on a diverse range of product design responsibilities across multiple clients. From conceptualization to post-launch analysis, my roles extended across the spectrum of product design, delivering tangible, user-centric solutions.

In my most recent role, I had the opportunity to contribute to the design of a global telematics ecosystem for Platform Science. I joined the company at its early stages and took part in its transition as it grew 1400% from a startup to a well established organization. Being part of this journey allowed me to actively engage in the challenges and successes associated with company growth. My role involved significant contributions to the design and development of a telematics platform, emphasizing practical solutions and adaptability in a dynamic startup environment.

Beyond the professional realm, I've recently made Spokane my home, where my wife and I are raising 2 beautiful cats. We make it a point to explore the outdoors as often as nature allows and embrace the scenic beauty of our surroundings. This balance between a passion for design and a love for nature continues to inspire and fuel my creative endeavors in the world of product design.

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